Jake is at his granny's, and so misses the Jungle Animals Song and the trip to the zoo. When they've gone, Max's quiet tidying up day is interrupted by Jake's arrival, his family having come home early. He and Doodles play a trick on Max, but that doesn't compensate for the disappointment at missing the trip. However, Max has a plan. He takes Jake to the zoo where they meet up with the others. Judy has a big surprise for all the Tweenies. They go camel riding.


  • This marks the 100th episode.
  • The photo Judy takes in this episode appears in Max's photo album in Champions!. However In Champions! Max says this picture was taken at the park however it was taken in this episode at the Zoo.

Watch Episode

Tweenies - Series 2 Episode 15 - Zoo (18th February 2000)-018:52

Tweenies - Series 2 Episode 15 - Zoo (18th February 2000)-0

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