Tweenies - Series 2 Episode 23 - Wizard (1st March 2000)19:02

Tweenies - Series 2 Episode 23 - Wizard (1st March 2000)

Milo has bought a magic wand, turning himself into Wando the Wizard. Jake has a go in Milo's absence and believes he has made Doodles disappear. The others join in to look for him with a search and a song - but to no avail. Milo and Jake then imagine going to see a real wizard in Australia. He's called Wizard Oz, and he gives them several suggestions, all of which do not bring back Doodles. He then teaches them a spell that works - get something that Doodles really likes and say a spell. Jake and Milo decide to tell Bella, Fizz and Max. They find an object Doodles really likes - his bone - and say the spell. Doodle walks out from behind the curtain - he was there the whole time! He was never missing in the first place. Milo realises that his magic wand wasn't really magic at all - but he's still Wando the Wizard. 

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