Why Do People Do Bad Things
Tweenies Why Do People Do Bad Things !

Tweenies Why Do People Do Bad Things !

The Tweenies are upset when a nasty person in the park tried to kick Doodles. He now feels sorry for himself, so he gets the books to hide himself from them. At least he's got Izzles for company. Max knows that some people do bad things - stealing things (robbers Jake knows), not liking others whose difference is too much for them - but some people do good things - by helpng each other out and being friendly. Judy reads to Jake, Milo, Fizz and Bella "Mr. Wolf's Pancakes." Doodles is being nasty to Ginger the Cat (not seen) who wanted to teach Izzles to climb trees. Milo tells them that they could change color, because they know that sometimes how much they argued their colors aren't when they should be. Then the nasty person (not nasty for long because he is now good) has given Judy a bone, for the motto is that you don't have to think about what you did nastily, you can still think about being good. Then a problem has a howling noise saying HELP!! Doodles is stuck up the tree. Izzles says that Ginger taught Doodles to climb trees, but now down again. They need Max's ladder to get him down. Doodles finally thinks that he has to pick a bone with Ginger!


  • "Look at Me" is the only song where the Tweenies become animated. You can see the different colours of them.
  • This is the second episode when Judy reads Mr. Wolf's Pancakes - the first was Pancakes.
  • Stock footage from Get Down Doodles! is shown at the end.