Clock Shock 1
Tweenie clock underneath
Tweenie Clock Malfunction

The Tweenie Clock is an electronic clock inside the playgroup.

It has five circular coloured lights arranged in a pentagonal shape with the lights denoting a special time.

At the beginning of every episode, a random character presses the clock and says "Tweenie Clock, where will it stop?".

Most episodes set inside the playgroup prominently feature the clock. In Clock Shock the clock malfunctions and a replica clock is created by the Tweenies.

  • Red: "Bella Says" Time
  • Orange: Big Dinner Time/Chase Around Izzles Time
  • Yellow: Princess Time
  • Green: Dotman Time
  • Blue: Horrible Hairy Monster Time
  • Purple: Listen to Judy Time
Tweenies around the Tweenie Clock

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