Max is having a very bad day. His old friend Judy has a bad cold, but at least she has Izzles for company. The Tweenies tell him that she needs cheering up, but he says she needs peace and quiet. They promise to be good. Judy's sister Claire is at the Tweenie Nursery soon. Max wants to get the plum-pie sorted out, but just can't. So the Tweenies play quietly. But the they're not good. They argued irresponsibly. But that is when Max's aunt (or sister he says in this episode), Polly, has a story of Mrs. Honey's New Hat, then organises a team to help him out - teamwork. Max is very proud of the Tweenie Teamwork, so Polly brings them her pukka-plum pie to share. 'What a team!' she says!


  • The footage on the Tweenie TV is from the episode Orchestra.
  • This is The Last Appearance Of Max's Sister Polly.