''Song Time! 2'' is a Tweenies song clip show video featuring song scenes from Series 1 of Tweenies and it was released on 27th March 2000.     


Another musical extravaganza with the Tweenies.     


  1. Can You Be What I Can Be? (from Milo the Clown)
  2. Ten Fat Sausages (from Wriggling Fingers)
  3. Runaway Train (from Colours)
  4. Shoe Shoe Song (from Disappearing Shoes)
  5. We're All So Different (from I Am Me)
  6. Miss Polly Had a Dolly (from Hospital Visit)
  7. There Was a Princess Long Ago (from Fairies)
  8. Come On Feel the Music (from Lost Frog)
  9. Splish Splash (from Mermaids)
  10. We're Really Glad You Came 2 (from Rainy Day)
  11. I'm a Little Teapot (from Modelling Clay)
  12. Hot and Cold (song) (from Hot and Cold)
  13. Mousie Brown (from Big and Small)
  14. I See a Boat On the Water (from Water)
  15. If You're Happy and You Know It (from Stuck Together)
  16. I Went to the Garden (from Growing Bulbs)
  17. Two Fat Gentlemen (from Making Up and Go Away, Bella!)
  18. I Like to Be a Bubble (from Blow)
  19. The Big Ship Sails (from Canal Boat)
  20. The Ant and the Elephant (from Big and Small)
  21. Five Little Men On the Starship Tweenie (from Space)
  22. Riding in a Cardboard Box Train (from Cardboard Box)
  23. Woolly Jumper Rock (from Woolly Jumper)


Tweenies- Song Time 2

Tweenies- Song Time 2