''Song Time!'' is a Tweenies song clip show featuring song scenes from early Series 1 episodes and it was released on 18th October 1999.   

Join the Tweenies - Bella, Fizz, Milo and Jake - as they sing a mix of songs old and new.   


  1. Copy Me Do (from It Wasn't Me)
  2. The Wheels On the Bus (from Ballet)
  3. Music Man (from Tweenie Band)
  4. Cows in the Kitchen (from I've Lost My Train)
  5. I Hear Thunder (from Noise & Quiet)
  6. The Bear Went Over the Mountain (from Over and Under)
  7. Gonna Build a House (from
  8. Tommy Thumb (from Wriggling Fingers)
  9. Wiggly Woo (from Wriggling Fingers)
  10. I Went to School One Morning (from Rainy Day)
  11. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (song) (from Mermaids)
  12. Here We Go Looby Loo (from Growing Bulbs)
  13. Being a Spider (from Spider)
  14. Incy Wincy Spider (from Spider)
  15. A Sailor Went to Sea, Sea, Sea (from Pebbles)
  16. Put Your Finger in the Air (from Wriggling Fingers)
  17. Oh We Can Play (from Tweenie Band)
  18. Rainbows Are Magic (from Rainbow Magic)
  19. Open the Box (from Fairies)
  20. One Finger, One Thumb (from I Am Me)
  21. Peter Rabbit (from Rainbow Magic)
  22. You Know You Have a Friend (from I'm Scared)


Tweenies- Song Time (1999)

Tweenies- Song Time (1999)