Seeing Red is the sixth episode of the fourth series. It's original airing date was on 16th October 2000. It's last airing date was on 26th October 2012.

Seeing Red


The Tweenies starts to do some painting one day. Fizz comes up an idea of painting rainbows. But Bella decides that she only wants Red, and even decides to make a club where everything and everywhere should only be red. Jake wants to join The Red Club. But Milo and Fizz weren't that interested, and decides to do all colours of the rainbow to make it look nice. so Bella and Jake goes outside and things were going smoothly. Although later on the pair of them starts to struggle to make The Red Club perfect. So Bella decides to have a Red and Yellow Club. But it only made things even harder! So they give up The Club and rejoins Milo and Fizz for some proper colours fun.

Song List

  1. Tweenies Theme Tune - Hey, Hey Are You Read to Play?
  2. Gonna Build A House
  3. Red Banana Tree (sung again in Opera)


Tweenies - Series 4 Episode 6 - Seeing Red (16th October 2000)19:03

Tweenies - Series 4 Episode 6 - Seeing Red (16th October 2000)

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