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Milo wins a special penguin suit. But due to his actions of acting of a real penguin doesn't respect to Bella, Fizz and Jake's reactions. Milo runs over Jake's town, refuses to give back Bella's ball and pretending it is his egg, and slides down on Fizz's tea party, making her really upset. Judy hears everything about Milo. So she gets Bella, Fizz and Jake to make their own penguin costumes to surprise Milo. He does get a surprise and throws the white towel in while surrounded around in the Playhouse. He apologizes to his friends and sings: Penguin Power.

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Tweenies - Series 3 Episode 22 - Penguin Power (22nd August 2000)18:55

Tweenies - Series 3 Episode 22 - Penguin Power (22nd August 2000)

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