One to Win
Tweenies One To Win

Tweenies One To Win

Max is riding on a monorailway train (the train going on the track that is up in the air) all the way to the Beaulieu Motor Museum. First, he sees the Bluebird car that goes onto 40 miles an hour! Then he sees a car that goes onto four miles an hour, slower than walking. He even says to the viewers that Beaulieu has some cars that are shaped like a fruit! And when he is out of the orange, he has a joke of TOODLEPIP!! He even sees Judy and his old friend Norman getting ready for a drive. They have a race against each other, with himself driving a modern car and herself driving an old-fashioned one. Then Max's car is broken down, so he goes to petrol station to get some to let it run again. While he waits, he reads the story of "the Tortoise and the Hare". And then he goes to see Norman and Judy having a cup of tea. They laugh together as the knew the moral is "slow and steady wins the race"!


  • This is the first episode to have Max and Judy together in the visit of their outings.