Tweenies No

Tweenies No

The Tweenies play the yes/no game. When no one can guess what Jake has thought of, they think he is cheating. Jake sulks until Doodles helps him out.


  • This is the first episode to air on CBeebies after the hiatus in 2013 caused by the episode "Favourite Songs".
  • Due to ''Favourite Songs.'' caused controversy on Sunday 20th January 2013, Cbeebies decided to show episodes from 261 - 390. Expect Episodes: Clock Shock, Wedding Day, Home Again and Wedding Party wasn't repeated after Favourite Songs aired. Some Classic Tweenies Fans got fed up of the same episode like about 5 - 6 times been repeated.
  • This is The First Episode Where They Use New Costume Designs Of The Tweenies And Max.
  • This is Also The First Episode To Feature Matthew Lyons To The Show.