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Jake's Snuggly



Air Date

7 March 2001


Helen Sheppard





Jake brings a special snuggly because he fell over and grazed his knee. Bella wants to help out Judy with some dusting.

But by the time Jake wasn't around with his snuggly, Bella mistakenly uses Jake's snuggly to dust everything around the play area. Jake becomes very sad and wants to be left alone. Judy washes his snuggly, only though it has shrunken.

Jake doesn't care! He's happy that he can now take it everything where he goes because it is small like him!

Watch Video

Tweenies - Series 5 Episode 45 - Jake's Snuggly (7th March 2001)19:02

Tweenies - Series 5 Episode 45 - Jake's Snuggly (7th March 2001)

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