It Wasn't Me (episode 14)
It Wasn't Me



Air Date

23 September 1999


Trish Cooke


Kay Benbow




Noise & Quiet

Max brings a marionette puppet to show the Tweenies and it asks to make their own puppet show. The marionette is delicate, and they are warned not to play with it, so they must be careful. However, Bella accidentally breaks one of the strings, hides the puppet in Doodles's beanbag, and blames him. Bella eventually owns up and admits it was her fault. She learns that it is wrong to tell lies. She says sorry to Doodles, and soon he forgives her. Max phones for a better marionette that is less delicate (not shown), and soon enough he shouts to the Tweenies that he has fixed it. They tell the story of "the Boy who Cried Wolf".


  • After the end of the video about marionettes, the camera of this episode cuts to the Tweenie TV circles on the right, with the rare Tweenie Clock on the left.
  • The Tweenie Telly Time is stopped at with the Tweenie TV Tune in the Swedish version. The Telly Time tune is heard before the Tweenie TV Tune in the English version.

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