Jake finds out what "in between" means, with a little help from Doodles.

Judy's Treasure Hunt with Mungo

"Your hidden treasure you will find, under a place that tells the time".

  • GREEN CLUE (Milo's Answer = On A Pile of Books in the Reading Area)

"You really don't have far to look, your treasure is on a pile of books".

  • YELOW CLUE (Jake's Answer = In Between the Squidgy Squares)

"Your bag of gold is over there, in between the squidgy squares".

  • BLUE CLUE (Bella's Answer = Next to the Slide)

"First go up, then come down and your treasure will soon be found".


  • The song Fizz and Bella are listening to is based on "Knowing Me, Knowing You" by ABBA.

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