I Am Me
I Am Me (episode 3)



Air Date

8 September 1999


Trish Cooke


Robin Carr




Old House


As the Tweenies rest from the exertions of their action song, they notice how different Doodles is compared to them and that they all seem to be the same as each other. They soon discover that is not the case. As they all go about their play activities, Milo gets in everyone's way with his game, Jake spoils Bella's game and everyone blames each other for the ensuing chaos. Judy has to take things in hand and show them that they are all different and that they all like different things but that people are all as important as each other.


  • This is the first episode to feature Story Time.
  • This is also the first ever episode written by Trish Cooke.

Watch Episode

Tweenies I Am Me18:35

Tweenies I Am Me

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