I'm Shouting

I'm Shouting is the tenth episode from the fourth series. It's original airing date was on 20th October 2000. It's last airing date was on 30th October 2012.


Max has a headache, so Fizz tries to help him. She tells everyone to play quietly but ends up shouting herself. Judy has the story to help them, but when their game of Hide and Seek disturbs him,...Max is furious!! But then he stopped, and he is sorry for making them scared. The Tweenies want to know about Max's headache, then he noticed that it has gone at last! His head is better. But not Doodles. Max wants to take him for a walk, but he has a headache too.

Song List

  1. Tweenies Theme Tune - Hey, Hey Are You Ready to Play?
  2. Come On Feel the Music
  3. You Want to Shout


  • Bella's costume was used for Molly and Milo's costume was used for Clown.
  • Justin Fletcher (the voice of Jake and Doodles) was the voice of Clown.


Tweenies I m Shouting hq

Tweenies I m Shouting hq