Fizz shows Jake the important things she keeps in her scrapbook and explains the special memories behind them.



  • This was the last episode to have Sally Preisig as Bella.
  • Stock footages are used from the episodes Signs, Frosty Day , Get Down Doodles! , Autumn, Milo the Clown and Blow
  • This was the episode not to have Max and Judy.
  • This was the last episode not to have a title card.
  • This was the last episode to feature the late 1999/ early 2000 costumes.
  • This episode only featured Bella and Milo in scenes from episodes, no new footage was made with them in this episode.

Watch Episode

Tweenies - Fizz's Scrapbook Part 109:55

Tweenies - Fizz's Scrapbook Part 1

Tweenies - Fizz's Scrapbook Part 209:08

Tweenies - Fizz's Scrapbook Part 2

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