Elephants is the eleventh episode of the fourth series. It's original airing date was on 23rd October 2000. It's last airing date was on 31st October 2000.


The Tweenies have great fun today as they have an elephant day and turn their slide into an elephant's trunk!

Song List

  1. Tweenies Theme Tune - Hey, Hey Are You Ready to Play?
  2. This Old Man
  3. Elephant's Back


  • There are two different version of this episode, the original and the re-broadcast. The differences between the two are that they both have different Story Time's.


Tweenies - Series 4 Episode 11 - Elephants (23rd October 2000)18:46

Tweenies - Series 4 Episode 11 - Elephants (23rd October 2000)

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