The Tweenies wanted to go back into the Enchanted Toyshop, but then Jake tells them that they soon have to go home. Judy angrily tells them to go to Max to tell them their news - the time Jake did the play of Jack and the Beanstalk, Milo had his snowman named Cold Wilson, Fizz has a wishbone to make everyone be the way they were and Bella knew her granny had brought her the Enchanted Toyshop. Then when it's go-home time, they went with Max and Judy happy and relieved that they had fun with the Enchanted Toyshop, then THEY went too. It's Christmas Eve inside the Enchanted Toyshop, where some surprises are being prepared for the morning. In Christmas morning, the Tweenies wake up excited to see their presents.


1. Welcome to Enchanted Toyshop (Reprise)

2. Magical Night of the year


  • Chris the Toymaker had revealed that he is Father Christmas from Christmas Eve last year in 1999.
  • This is the final episode made in 2000.


Tweenies - Vianocne rano-0

Tweenies - Vianocne rano-0