Blaming the Wrong Person

There's something strange going on in the nursery today. Fizz wonders who has taken her model dinosaur. She thinks Milo has taken it and tells Max, who believed him. To make matters worse than ever before a bit, she and Bella started to search through Milo's bag, but Max won't let them. They are so, so desparate that Milo hasn't told the truth. Max tells them the story of Eb and Flo, then that blaming the wrong person is wrong, except Fizz. She is still sad, Jake keeps her To Find seagulls But They Can't. Hear. Any when Judy is back with Izzles and tells her that she has putted her model dinosaur in her bag for safety by mistake. Fizz is relieved, so she, Bella and Jake apologise Milo. But then Milo makes her jump and argue. Then they sigh "NOT AGAIN!!"