'Birthday' - Tweenies

Birthday (also known as Fizz's Birthday) is the twenty eighth episode of the first series. It first aired on October 13, 1999.


First, it is song time, and the Tweenies (excluding Fizz, as she has gone out with Judy and Doodles so that the remaining three Tweenies can prepare for Fizz's surprise birthday party) sing the song Five Currant Buns. The Tweenies then decorate the playroom, while helping Max make Fizz a birthday card, and sing the song "Happy Birthday to our friend". The Tweenies think they have forgotten Fizz's birthday cake, but Max reveals that he has managed to save the day just in time. His friend Katie, who lives next door to him, has made a cake decorated with ballet shoes just in time for Fizz's party. He shows Bella, Milo and Jake a video of the cake being made and decorated during Telly Time. The cake is delivered to the the table, and Max covers the cake with a cloth to hide it as Doodles, Judy and Fizz arrive. It is now Story Time, and the book Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells is read. After the story has finished, everybody celebrates Fizz's birthday by throwing a surprise party with the cake seen being decorated during Telly Time earlier. They sing happy birthday to Fizz, and they give her some birthday presents: a jigsaw from Bella, crayons from Milo, jelly babies from Jake and finally, a song book, with a tape, from Max and Judy. They then show Fizz her birthday card. The candles on the cake are blown out, and the Tweenies each enjoy a piece of the cake.


  • The version of this episode included on the CBeebies Ultimate Party Collection DVD has the story time segment cut out for unknown reasons, bringing the length of the episode down to 15 minutes.
  • No one presses the Tweenie Clock before Story Time

Song List

  1. Tweenies Theme Tune - Hey, Hey Are You Ready to Play?
  2. Five Currant Buns