Bella's Big Surprise
Tweenies - Series 3 Episode 29 - Bella's Big Surprise (31st August 2000)19:10

Tweenies - Series 3 Episode 29 - Bella's Big Surprise (31st August 2000)

Bella has hidden herself behind the surprise curtains and no one is allowed to see what she's doing. The others go off to play and discover lots of triangle shapes, but when they try to show Bella they only succeed in making her cross and grumpy. Max takes Fizz, Milo and Jake for a walk to the park while Bella struggles with her task. She is just about to give up when she got into a song war between her devil and her angel conscences. She managed to shoo her devil away, and thanks to the encouragement from her angel, was able to gain the confidence she needs. So when the others returned, Bella is ready to reveal her big surprise.

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