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Milo finds ants in the kitchen and he and Fizz use the computer to find out more about them. They use their magnifying glasses to look at them closely and the Tweenies imagine they are in an anthill dancing with the ants. Bella catches the ants using a jam jar and the Tweenies release them in the garden - much to Judy's relief!


  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Tweenies' new computer friend, Mungo, before he gets his name in The Name Game.
  • Ringa Ringa Roses is sang again from: Leaky Beanbag. It is also the last time.


  • The spider in the red box on Mungo's insects page is not an insect but an arachnid which means it has eight legs which means that Mungo's first page should really be his bugs page.

Mungo's Insects (Bugs) Page

  • SPIDER (Never gets chosen)
  • BUTTERFLY (Never gets chosen)
  • LADYBIRD (Never gets chosen)
  • ANT